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  Our Mission / Stories  

Trexpert as a movement has not taken long to establish in the world. During the course of the last almost seven years, it has spread from National to International.

The movement is based on two basic urges in the youth - love for the unknown, which includes desire for adventure and the desire to make friends and Explore the world.




Trexpert Journey start from
Manali, Darjeeling & Delhi
as a trekking Unit in India



We Launched Trexpert First Madhya Pradesh Office in Jabalpur with an Aim to Develop People in Adventure Sports, Trekking & Camping

In 2018 Trexpert Tie-up with 7+ National & International Companies Around the World.Trexpert Also Launched Trekking Expedition Program this Year in Nepal In which our Candidates Break Records by completing this trek in just 3 days.


Till date Trexpert working with his Unique Program in terms of Vacation Plan Around the World with its unique Membership Plan.
(Tourism Sector Update)
Till Now Trexpert tie-up with
Approx 25+ State & Territories
in India  & 50+ Countries with 7500+ Affilated Hotels & Resorts Around the World.

  • Mount Everest Trekking Expedition 

  • 100+ Countries Tie-up in Tourism Sector

  • 10000+ Affiliated Hotels & Recorts 


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