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Chadar Trek

We offer Chadar trek at the best market price

Chadar trek is the star trek. It is the most popular trek. Walking on the frozen is on everybody’s bucket list. The demand for Chadar trek is tremendous. Probably, that is why every travel company, even locals have started conducting Chadar trek. With so many organisations organising this trek there is a drastic change in the price of Chadar trek. The price of Chadar trek is a controversy these days. It is the only trek that is offered with so many variations in the package. Despite that, we always claim that we offer the best market price for the Chadar trek. Pertaining to that many trekkers enquire about our package and how we charge. Therefore, here’s a proper description of why we offer the best price for Chadar.

1- Accommodation

Many argue that money can be saved on accommodation. Well, it might be true for other travel places but not for Chadar trek. Especially with minus temperatures right from Leh. Good and warm sleep is need of the hour however cold it is outside. We understand that and therefore, we offer heated rooms from Leh itself. There are many arguments on rooms being centrally heated or only heated. Let’s clarify that first.

  • Non-heated rooms: Such rooms have nothing to keep the room warm. Only extra blankets will be given.

  • Heated rooms: In these rooms, a heater is attached in the room that is run on electricity or LPG gas. Gas operated heaters are not good as they give out combustion gases. At the high altitude where the oxygen level is already low, such gases are not good to be inhaled. To avoid that, these heaters are timer based.

  • Centrally heated rooms: Many hotels have this facility nowadays where the heater is somewhere on the terrace. The heat is then circulated to all the rooms of the hotel through pipes. This is extremely safe as the actual heat generation happens far away and not in the rooms.

At TTH we offer Centrally Heated rooms from Leh itself.

2- Two men sharing shelters

If you have trekked with us you know that we have two-person sharing tents. The same is followed on Chadar trek also. In fact, our guesthouses are also two sharing. Only in extreme weather conditions when many groups are stuck at camps and cannot move ahead, we accommodate 3 trekkers in one room.

3- No hidden charges

This is a common practice that many companies keep their package value less. They then ask for an additional amount during the trek. We promise we have no such money demands at the last moment. We have clearly mentioned in our inclusions and exclusions. Our package already includes Medical checkup charges, Altoa Trekking permission and wildlife fees. Additional charges for Environmental fees and Insurance (around 4000) are not included. You can refer our Cost Terms for Chadar trek.

4- Short Sight Seeing 

On day 2 we have included a short sightseeing activity. We observed that on the second day as there is the whole day for exploring Leh trekkers wander around. Therefore, we have included it in our package where we make all the arrangements for you all to roam around in Leh. The advantage being, we have planned it such that it is strainless which eventually does not affect body acclimatization. If you know transport for 2-3 people is expensive, when in a group it is cheaper and more fun. We cover all the major spots on Leh. We take care of everything.

5- Renting is available If you are aware that Leh is closed in winter. Renting of equipment is not possible from Leh. But with Trexpert we offer rental for our trekkers. This to make life easy for trekkers who wish to not invest in expensive gears.

6- Skilled and Qualified team And last but not least, as we always proudly claim, our Team is highly experienced and qualified. Chadar Trek is a risky trek. There are unpredictable incidents of Chadar breaking, sudden water level rising, AMS etc. We have always rescued our trekkers and others safely. Our Trek Leaders are experienced, First Aid and Mountaineering Courses certified. Not only that our Local guides are also skilled. We guarantee the safety of the trekkers.

Assurance, comfort and safety or compromise at high altitude in -30 degrees temperatures, what is your choice? If its the first one then trust us you are in the right hands of Trexpert.

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