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How to use trekking pole ?

Do you know, using a trekking pole correctly can save your knees and energy? It will make you efficient and let you enjoy the trek. Yet, many trekkers use it all wrong. Some carry it only because it is mentioned in the list and some for photos! So save yourself and walk with trekking pole efficiently. Here is our Trek Hacks video on How to use a trekking pole correctly.

1. Put entire weight on the pole as you step forward. 2. Always keep the height of the pole such that, a 90-degree angle is formed at your elbow. If the angle is obtuse, increase the height of the pole. If the angle is acute, reduce the height of the pole. 3. Always fix the trekking pole on the ground first, once it is secured then put your weight on it and step ahead. 4. Never hold the pole towards the valley side or slope side. In case you lose grip, the pole may slide in the valley and you may fall with it. 5. If for a small section you don’t want to use the pole, make sure the pointed edge does not hurt the person behind or in front of you. Always hold it straight, upside down. Never, slant or horizontal. 6. When climbing up, put the entire weight on the pole and use it to pull yourself up. If the height of pole seems more, reduce for this section again make it to normal height. 7. When climbing down, put the entire weight on the pole and slowly land your feet on the ground. This reduces strain on the knees. Here holding the pole with palm from above of the grip helps. Remember to land slowly! 8. Practice how to increase and reduce the length of the pole. On the trek, you can easily adjust as per the terrain. 9. While sleeping place the pole such that it does not hurt you or spoil the tents. Preferably, keep it outside the tent.

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