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Is Trek Insurance really required?

We, humans, need some assurance before stepping into something big. Assurance that things will turn out good. Insurance, on the other hand, is being prepared for the failure of that assurance. With all kinds of insurance already in place, no one ever thought of insurance for trekking. Trekking and Mountaineering are becoming the most popular adventure activities these days. Before going on that thrilling journey small insurance of safety is a must.

The term ‘Trek Insurance‘ is also gaining popularity. It is common amongst foreigners seeking out Everest or other big mountains. Well, it makes sense of planning security of insurance there, pertaining to the hazardous conditions(death, frostbite, amputation, injuries) of climbing such big peaks. When it comes to trekking, the major question is, why is it required anyway? 

Of course, it is required. Like any other insurance, trek insurance means securing yourself if in case the trek turns out bad. Be it a small injury, emergency evacuation, AMS, etc. Remember that Travel Insurance does not cover all these things. Travel Insurance covers only situations occurred during your travel from home to the base village. Whereas, Trek Insurance is planned especially considering the difficulties that might occur while trekking in high altitudes. It covers,

Covers trekking injuries

Covers medical & emergency(AMS, HAPE, HACO) evacuation in case rescue is needed

Provides AD&D benefits in case of death

Offers repatriation coverage in case of death

May offer Travel Insurance too (depends on the policy)

However, skilled the team is or prepared we are for a trek, we know mountains are unpredictable. Anything can happen anytime, that is the reason we all love this adventure activity. We like the mystery of the mountains. You may go to the same mountain a thousand times, but the experience will be different each time. Of course, the risk is less for weekend treks or easy treks having less altitude gain. As the height increases the uncertainty of the mountains also increases. And the assurance of all is good decreases. Then comes the assurance of the insurance! Whether, you are a newbie or an experienced trekker, being prepared is being wise. That is what we humans do. We always hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

Important Notes: Remember that in India there is no established market of Trekking or Adventure Insurance. Bajaj Finserve has introduced to cover adventure activities but they have tight conditions. Another organization based only on Adventure Sports Insurance is Trek Insurance. Things they cover depend on the height of the trek/expedition. Please read all their policies before applying. For our Nepal treks, we suggest and Trek Insurance. They are the proficient insurance agency.

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