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Travel Arrangements

The members who are desirous of participating in any of TREXPERT programmes, will initially be asked to make travel arrangements to a particular spot, like Base Camp, etc., where all the participants would gather. From then onward, the TREXPERT nominated Team Leader (Captain or Expedition Guide) will take over and ensure smooth conduct of the particular programme.



Accommodation is provided to the members by TREXPERT Approved Hotels at a nominal cost. While the member can avail all the modern facilities, there is a home like ambience in the Hotel. TREXPERT ensures the best quality food for the member to satisfy the taste buds. Hygiene maintenance in all respects has always been TREXPERT commitment.


Handpicked Expedition

TREXPERT has variety of adventure programmes for the members to choose from. The handpicked expedition will prove to be a big surprise destination. The expedition will include exploring, learning and full of surprises. The programmes are conveniently listed out in our website. Visit our website to know more about the handpicked expedition.


Expedition Guide

While on an expedition, the hoteler can feel absolutely safe, thanks to the Expedition Guide. The TREXPERT provides excellent and expert Expedition Guide for all its adventure programmes. The Expedition Guide, as the name suggests, will guide the members through their adventure journey and be always available for any kind of help/emergency.


Special Activities

Special Activities are planned and conducted by TREXPERT at regular intervals. Members keen on participating in such special activities and also keen on bringing their family and friends for such programmes need to contact the respective Hotel or TREXPERT, Jabalpur to know more. The potential participants can also visit the TREXPERT portal for any further information.


Best Price

TREXPERT is committed to give the best and cheap accommodation to its members. Accordingly, the members can avail of the facilities offered by TREXPERT at a very nominal cost. The members will be guaranteed a pleasant and comfortable stay in the hostel at the best price seen no where else



We give objective but sincere opinions to specific questions you may have on the destinations.



Your safety is top of our concerns. We are always in touch with our guides while you are traveling. We remain contactable in case you need help in emergency situations.



We ensure all your trip arrangements are made properly so you do not have surprises. In the event if we are not able to fulfill a request or program element, we will be upfront with you and advise you on other alternatives.



When traveling, it is important that we use our initiative to enhance your enjoyment. We are flexible (e.g. in terms of food and switch of program timing) and we always try to be sensitive to your travel needs.

best value for money

Value for Money

Who says an all-rounder trip must be expensive? With careful planning and good knowledge, it is possible to plan a good trip within a reasonable budget – be it a tour or a trek. We do not define ‘value for money’ as ‘cheap’. On the contrary, we believe that our programs and efforts should justify what you are paying for.Well, we have said so much.Most importantly, we think a good sense of humour is as important as being well-prepared for your trip. Open your mind to all the people, events and endless possibilities that you may encounter. That could really be the philosophical anecdote to the best trip of a lifetime.

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