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How to cook your meal while camping?

Camping in all aspects is a wonderful outdoor recreational activity with some of the best experiences be it staying in a tent directly under the sky, waking up in a sleeping bag or any fun camp activity that campers indulge into. However, one thing that many outdoor lovers desperately miss while camping is a proper cooked meal.  

Usually campers do carry some canned or ready to eat items with them but that couldn’t replace the delight of having a good cooked meal. It is well understood that getting a same sumptuous meal as in home in not at all possible while camping, however one always has an option to cook a meal rather to have a canned one. And if you are camping with kids then cooking as a camp activity do adds up a different flavour to the entire camping experience for them. For doing so, one would need to make some pre-camp preparation with some additional camping equipment designed especially for cooking in outdoors.

Ways to Cook at Camp

Over the years, the camp cooking methods has seen many advancements with new ways aiming at reduced carbon emission & some better camping equipment for ease of cooking as per the needs of outdoor adventurers.  Some preferred cooking methods that campers use are as follows:

Over Camp fire – cooking directly over the camp fire. This includes roasting, grilling or cooking in a closed pot.

Solid/Dry fuel Stoves – cooking over a single burner stove that uses fuels like wood, coal, charcoal or dry fuel (dry alcohol cubes).

Butane gas Stoves – cooking using a stove specially designed for butane gas canister

Below is a comparative table of all Pros & Cons for each cooking method:

Cooking Method



Over Camp fire

- Least equipment required - Suitable for all (grilling, roasting, steaming etc)

- Longer Setup time - Hard to control & regulate Heat - Darkening of Pots - Burning hazard - High on carbon emission

Solid/dry fuel Stove

- Lesser equipment requirement - Easier to setup & fire - Better control on heating

- Costlier dry fuel cubes/tablets - Need for camping cookware set - Pod stove structure heats up

Butane gas Stove

- Easiest to setup, use & carry - Total control with uniform heating - Cleaner fuel (comparatively) - Cheaper Fuel or canisters

- Need camping cookware set - Butane fuel is less effective if camping in colder surrounding - Safety hazard while storing or carrying gas canisters

In today’s time, the butane gas stoves are the one’s which are preferred the most by campers for family or group camping. But one should also keep in mind of the other supplies & gears that would be required to cook at camp.

Camping Equipment to carry for Cooking

Some of the essential camping equipment that would be required for cooking are:

Camping Stove – a single burner stove with its fuel is must needed for cooking.

Camping Cookware & Utensil set – a nested cookware set which usually comprises of a sauce-pan, fry pan, mugs, plates & thong. Also, a foldable nested cutlery set with a spoon, fork & knife.

Multi-utility Tool with Knife – A knife to chop some veggies, pop an egg, slice bread & cheese and the list goes on.

Ice Box – an insulated ice box for storing raw veggies, meat, cheese/butter & all your raw things needed for cooking.

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