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MY NIGHT AT FOREST written by Bhaaravi Chirayu Shah

Recently I visited a forest near a village named Parsili with my family. Name of the forest is Sanjay Dubri National Park. I am going to tell you about my experience in the forest. We traveled 160 km in our car. It was an adventurous drive, as there were several Ghatis through the road. I enjoyed beautiful views of valley from top of the road. There were beautiful trees in rows to the both sides of the road. There was also rain at some places where we travelled.

When we reached near the forest, we saw a beautiful resort. There we had our lunch. We were very hungry, because it was late. We felt the lunch was amazing. After that we went for a jungle trek. There we saw many different types of plants and ate some eatable plants also. We saw an uprooted tree there. Below the fallen tree there was huge passage. It was there because of dried river. I and my cousins climbed that tree and jumped in that big passage. I carried a long and strong stick with me until we were in the forest. I collected many different stones there. Then it started to get dark. So we went back to the resort to collect our tents. I and my cousin made one tent for us. My parents made another tent for themselves. Other members of team also made their tents. Then we all sat together around bonfire. We played antaxari and sang many songs. After some time we had our dinner near that fire and tents. At the end of all fun we slept in our tents and passed the night at the forest camp.

Next day we woke up early in the morning. We already had planned a sand trek in the morning and a forest trek in the evening. We all got ready very fast. I was so much excited for sand trek; because it was in sand on the riverbank, and I had to do it bare foot. But before going for trek, my mamma thought to have tea, and we walked 2 km in a village near the forest for tea.

Then we crossed a part of forest to reach the riverbank. But the sand was there at opposite side of the river. We searched less deep place in the Banas River and crossed it to reach the opposite bank, and our sand trek started. During the trek we climbed big rocks also.

After completing the sand trek we had to cross the river again to reach the resort. While crossing the river, we played a lot in the river. Then we cleaned ourselves with fresh water in the resort and had a delicious lunch. Now it was time to say good bye to Parcilli. It was really a great experience for me.

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Bhaaravi Chirayu Shah

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Nice Narration . Congratulations Bhaaravi. Keep going. This experience will be if great help to you in your life. Convey my regards to your parents.with Best wishes. God bless you. .....Director, Satya group of Educational Institutions, Vizianagaram. sashi_majji@

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