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Should adventure sports be banned by the government give reasons to support your arguments?

While excessive numbers of people are showing interest in different kinds of sports, some people raised question on the legality of extreme sports such as sky jump, skate board, snow board, drifting and many more owing to different reasons. I believe that these sports should be continued as lots of people like such games.

Increasing fatalities in sports promoted the people to think that games adventures in nature should be banned as it cost the life of people. It is generally seen that players start to play such games out of joy and later on make the profession for earning without knowing the repercussion of following these games. For example, Louse Hamilton, a car race driver opted the sports initially just because of thrill in speeding the car but he was seriously injured many times and had to leave the game. Furthermore, almost no international guidelines exists for adventures games and people rarely know the safety rule which should be exercised while practicing or playing such sports. As a result, most of the governments hesitate to take care of these sports enthusiastic.

Despite the risks involved in such games, people prefer to let these games be played and they have valid arguments to support. Firstly, People enjoy playing these games and so the millions of viewers across the countries. For instance, vast numbers of people go to Europe in winter for games, especially for snowboarding and different international competitions are organized and viewed by large number of people. Secondly, extreme games hardly required any stadium or special facilities to build. These games are purely nature centric and do not add burden on govt. to spend the money. Finally, these games are cash rich and people earn the life time money in one go and also there are less player to participate so people believe that chances of winning the games are high.

To conclude, Adventures games are risky and people suffer injuries invariably. However, if these games are played with safety then these games should be allowed to continue. Government may also help to formulate the guidelines.

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