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The Easter Story - Short Story

Jesus had many enemies who wanted to be rid of him. Jesus knew that he had only a short time left. The Thursday before he died, Jesus invited the disciples to have supper with him. It was their last meal together.
“Remember me,” Jesus  told them, “when you eat the bread and drink the wine. I am going to live with my Father in heaven, but I will be with you wherever you go.”
On Friday, soldiers arrested Jesus and nailed him to a cross. Jesus said to God: “Father, forgive them. They know not what they do.” When Jesus died, his friends placed his body in a cave and covered the cave entrance with a rock.
On Sunday, a friend of Jesus named Mary Magdalene went to the cave. The rock had been rolled away! The cave was empty! An angel appeared and said: “Peace be with you. Jesus is risen from the dead!”
Jesus came back to visit his friends. He told them to teach about God’s love. “Tell the people,” said Jesus, “to believe in me even if they can’t see me.” And then Jesus went up to heaven to live with his Father.
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