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I Like Cycling By Our Local Boy (Shubham Rajak)

Team of mountain man and Trexpert Cycling Club: I'm Shubham Rajak. (I like cycling.. )

1)I felt very active by cycling.

2)There is a Dramatic changes in my muscles Due to cycling.

3) Due to Regular Cycling my body get Detox .

4)I gained a lot from cycling.

5) Help to keep heart healthy and safe.

6)Daily cycling increase heartbeat and improves blood flow.

7)Reduces the risk of heart related disease.

8)Cycling keeps your body fit.

9)The whole body exercises in cycling.

10)We all have to take precautions to avoid this disease.

And it really very important for all of us.

Thank you Mountain man Ankit bhaiya and Trexpert Cycling Club Jabalpur Jai hind................

This is a Story of our Local Boy Shubham Rajak

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